Edoardo Marin

My friend has been unjustly and illegally fired by her employer, so we sought for legal assistance via Noordam Advocatuur. We’ve been contacted the very day after by one of their lawyers, Linda Couvreur, who immediately scheduled a phone call to have a clear overview of the situation in English (we do not speak Dutch that well, unfortunately).

Since the very beginning she has been extremely professional and helpful, always explaining in the clearest way how my friend should have proceeded. Her precious legal advise allowed my friend to finalise the most desirable settlement agreement without having to reach the courtroom and in less than a month from our first contact. She could have not been assisted in a better way!

Next to Linda’s legal competence, her constant availability and prompt replies represent the icing on the cake. 5 stars are not even enough: she honestly deserves 10. If I or my friend will ever need legal assistance again (hopefully not!), we will definitely turn to Noordam Advocatuur and Linda Couvreur once again and we strongly recommend you doing the same!