I am living in Houston, Texas USA, and have reached out to Arnoud Noordam in Amsterdam asking for his help with my employment case which another lawyer had just dropped after working on it for months. Mr. Noordam stepped in right away. After having carefully studied all the documentation he had communicated very clearly the odds and challenges the court case was subject to. Acting as my representative in Netherlands he made sure that all the documents were prepared and submitted on time, all the deadlines were met. Mr. Noordam worked with lawyers in Netherlands and the USA. All the important emails and calls have always been followed up. Mr. Noordam had worked with me through the time difference, my unavailability due to hospitals stays and new-born days. Mr. Noordam has demonstrated incredible commitment to the success of my case working after-hours and weekends. Not a single time during Mr. Noordam’s work on my case I had doubts in fact that my case is handled in a best possible way. If you are in need of professional, systematic, knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated legal counsel, I would definitely recommend Arnoud Noordam.